Meet Zani

Headshot Zani

With her innate sense of style and the dedication to go the extra mile, Zani Malik is an aesthete with an uncanny eye for detail. Armed with a background in jewelry design from the Gemological Institute of America in New York City, Zani can fashion any space into a bedazzling wonder. She is the founder of Staging Matterz, a professional home staging company, launched as an accompanying service to her husband’s real estate business, that specializes in doing just that. Together this dream team has helped many families and local builders, beautifully and affordably, stage and sell their homes.


Utilizing existing furniture along with pieces from her own personal inventory, Zani creates unique settings that give buyers a glimpse into how a house could quickly become a home, their home. For her, decorating is a labour of love, but that love must stand the test of time, and transcend the barriers of language and generations, and speak to all. Before starting her home staging business, Zani worked as a professional wedding planner as well as designed women’s’ couture. Making dreams into a reality, one could say, has been her life’s work!


Zani Malik lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and young son. When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling, experiencing new cuisines and cultures, and being a mom. She admits to having a penchant for beautiful places and things, loves meeting new people and helping them create a little piece of wonder in their worlds.

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